A "water" brand that brings "beauty, health, and fighting power" to your everyday life
There are many famous waters in Japan that are not yet known to the world.
We want to spread the value of this famous water all over the world without letting it go to waste.
From such thoughts, a Japanese water brand called "Mizuno Mizu" was born.
The natural resource of water is finite.
Some parts of the world still struggle to get even a glass of water.
The water that we who live in Japan drink casually
It is very precious in the world.
Water, the source of life, leads us to health above all else.
And the water can be collected in Japan.
However, how many people have been conscious of that and drank until now?
"Mizuno mizu" is
It is a brand that collects only water that is good for the body, which we are not familiar with yet.
Providing not only natural water but also functional water
It is a high-quality "water" brand that represents Japan.

Creating a Recycling Society of "Water"

Through NPOs, we provide donations for the realization of "a world where all people have access to clean water and sanitation" centered on the children of the world. In addition, by donating a portion of our sales and investing in water-related businesses, we will work to support water and sanitation around the world.


Donation Partner of Certified NPO Water Aid Japan

Mizuno Mizu Co., Ltd. is a Donation Partner of the certified NPO Water Aid Japan. Established in England in 1981, WaterAid is an international NGO that has been active in the water and sanitation sector for about 40 years. As of 2021, we have bases in 34 countries around the world and are implementing water and sanitation projects in a total of 26 countries, including Asia, Africa, Central and South America. With our expertise in water and sanitation, we implement locally relevant solutions to ensure access to clean water for the poor and marginalized in every country.



What is "Mizu no Mizu"?

“Mizu no Mizu” is natural spring water sourced from environmentally challenged areas in Japan. It was rebranded, and now marketed and distributed to businesses that cater to customers seeking premium-quality water. These businesses include upscale restaurants, hotel resorts, spas, saunas , fitness clubs, and other businesses that recognize the importance of offering their clientele the finest water.

Our Mission | Our Mission

What kind of water is this?
The origins of this natural spring water begins at Mt Fuji. As rainwater falls on the mountain, it is slowly absorbed and seeps through the geological layers over hundreds of years, absorbing minerals and forming a water source deep underground.
The water boasts a top-class concentration of vanadium (150ug/L) in Japan, which offers various health benefits such as blood sugar regulation, improvement of metabolism, alleviation of hangovers, improved digestion, and better skin.


But what makes this water even more exceptional is that it is “super soft water” (hardness 36) with an optimal alkaline level (pH 7.9) making it easy to drink and quickly absorbed. to 1, which is the ideal composition for the body to function at optimal levels.

The idea behind timing is that our products have specific purposes and are tailored to each individual. We propose the best times for drinking this water to enhance their lifestyle.
Where is it available for purchase?
“Mizu no Mizu” isn't sold in retail stores; instead it's available at upscale restaurants, hotel resorts, personal gyms, and specialty sports stores in Tokyo. For individual customers, the water can only be purchased directly through our website either through a subscription or as a gift.


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